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Our Doctors
Rachel and Carin
Dr.  Rachel Wallach

is a Toronto native. She received her undergraduate degree in industrial design at the Ontario College of Art and Design and then obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. When not working, Dr. Wallach enjoys traveling, refurbishing furniture, and spending time with her fiancé and their many animals. Her spirit animal is a tie between a domestic house cat and a humpback whale because she loves sleeping in sun beams but also admires the altruism that humpback whales display as well as their nomadic lifestyles.

Dr. Carin Ferdowsian

is originally from Oklahoma but always knew she belonged in sunny California. She has a degree in photography from the University of Oklahoma and Masters degree in the study of animal policy from Tufts University. She obtained her veterinary degree from Western University of Health Sciences. She loves being out in the sun, throwing pottery, and hanging out with her loved ones, two and four legged alike. Her spirit animal is a crow because she loves puzzles and problem solving and loves the sense of humor crows often display.

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